on: September 09, 2017, 04:45 AM
At Lingerie Blog we love finding Wholesale Bikini new and innovative lingerie brands that excite the lingerie industry and today we’ve got a special treat for you.

ZO Lingerie is a handmade lingerie manufacturers china ready-to-wear brand created with love. The thoughtfully designed collection is tailored for the modern day woman on the go, focusing on lingerie crop tops to be worn in various ways, from nighttime pleasures to everyday wear. The transitional collection can worn with or without a bra, teamed with jeans for casual wear or matched with a skirt for a glam night out look.

The brand’s journey started with a series underwear manufacturer china of tops designed in November 2015 that express elegance, sensuality and femininity – and have now extended their range to plush panties, high-waist skirts, trousers and jackets.

The most innovative part Wholesale Sexy Underwear of this collection is you can be part of getting the brand up and running, by supporting the project on their kickstarter page. Pledges start from just $15 for the ZO panties and go up to $1,200 for custom made tops and lingerie for a completely bespoke lingerie set. The limited early bird access to the ZO crop top is set to be a popular choice, as is the $50 ZO summer top made with soft Gucci lace.

So what makes ZO lingerie special?

Manufactured in famous factories such as Solstiss, Jean Bracq and Sophie Hallette and using premium materials such as soft mesh and Chantilly lace guarantees luxury to the touch and great quality for lasing lingerie.
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