Alejandra, Mexico
During my internship I got the opportunity to meet amazing people who have changed my life.

The Global Experience is a non-profit organization and international youth media network dedicated to increase the intercultural dialogue. The Global Experience acts globally by giving people a platform for intercultural exchange and locally by initiating and supporting educational multi media projects, youth exchange programs and media camps all over the world.

The Global Experience aims to contribute to a better global education and increased intercultural awareness. With our programs we want to give young people from different backgrounds and cultures the chance to meet each other, break stereotypes and gain unique new perspectives.
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The Global Experience started in 2005 as a school project in Münster, Germany, in order to create an online dialogue between exchange students of Schiller Gymnasium, Münster, and partner schools in Namibia and Poland. Through the publication of educational videos on Youtube the project quickly became known worldwide and developed to become an international network of partners dedicated to increase the intercultural dialogue. As of 2006 members have been meeting in person during youth camps, school exchanges and internship programs we have created. Within the past years more than 8000 students have participated in our educational programs and over 600 young people from 24 nations have gone abroad with us to gain a unique intercultural experience.  

The Global Experience aims to contribute to a better global education by building cross cultural bridges among young people of the world and improving children's and young people's access to education.  Learn more about our targets...