Example: Trading Company Complete Financial Statements - Statements of financial trading companies are generally prepared by the end of the accounting period. The financial statements trading company will provide complete information about the company's financial position. A. Trading Company Companies are companies engaged in trade (business) it sells a product of the supplyer to consumers with or without changing the shape, flavor or quality and profit from the difference in sales. For companies both a trading company and services, preparing the financial statements is one of the routines that must be done to obtain a clear picture of the information in the company.
On this occasion will review this matter on the financial statements of commercial companies, having previously been discussed on an example of the company's financial reporting services. B. Financial Statements Trading Company Previously have been discussed in detail an example of the company's financial statements services. This time will discuss in detail how the financial statements of the Company trade. The financial statements (financial statement) is a stage presentation of the financial position and financial performance of an entity is structured. The purpose financial statements are in order to provide information about the financial position and performance, and cash flows of entities that are useful to report users in making economic decisions. The financial statements consist of: The statements of income and other comprehensive income (Statement of Income and Other Comprehensive Income) Statements of changes in equity (Stetement of Change Equity) Statements of financial position (Statement of Financial Position) The cash flow statement (Statement of Cash Flow)