Welcome to the new website of The Global Experience! Here you can find a brief outline of all the new features and sections:
The news page gives a wide overview of all activities of The Global Experience as well as the latest contents from our social media chanel and sub-projects. Personal stories of our members are displayed on the top banner, enabling you to explore the possible benefits of participating in our global network.
What was formerly called the forum is now the Interact section and is split into four sub-sections:

Reports – Learn about other cultures by checking out other members' photo reports and create your own.
Discussions - contribute to and initiate discussions on any topic important to you.
Languages - learn from advice of native speakers, listen to natural accents and offer help to others learning your language. You can now also watch the relevant Youtube playlists for each language on the website.
Project Boards – Participate in GE activities and projects online.
The Friend-Finder function will enable you to quickly find members who you may benefit from contacting; through sharing the same interests, learning the same languages or being able to become each other’s tandem language partners.
The biggest new feature on the website is the Opportunities page. Here you will find a database of intercultural and non-commercial opportunities for young people worldwide. You can use the filter function to enter your age and location in order to search for suitable internships, youth camps, and much more.
Facebook Connect: connect your GE profile with your facebook profile. You can now comment with your facebook profile on the GE website, use your uploaded facebook photos to create reports and easily like and share GE content on Facebook.
Revised Privacy and Notification Settings: Decide easily who should see your profile and your content and what you want to be notified about.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new website – it’s there to benefit us all! If you want to leave any comment on the new website or report mistakes you found please do that here: http://www.theglobalexperience.org/topics/show/37600