from Cari

on: November 02, 2012, 05:55 PM
In this topic you can leave your comments and feedback on the new GE website and report bugs and problems as well! 

jeje...but finally...whow, fantastic design. i like it. looks far more organized and fancy than the old website. congratulation!

i just got one error on the news page. the frame latest video wasn't shown right...500 Internal Server Error...but then i reloaded and it was ok...

i love the new design. hope i will get used to it soon, and what about the language video section is there only the one video of ben and the blackboard? i couldnt click on the arrows ....

Well done! I like the clean style of the website now. Way to go fellows!

which site of the language section do you mean? actually on the main, general section there should be all language videos (but i just saw that its the easy german playlist - and on the other specific language sections there should be the playlists for relevant language. so for example in the polish section there is all polish videos, in the spanish section are all spanish videos and so on...

and what do others think? tell us more! what do you like, what doesnt work yet?

Okay I'll have a look. By the way, are there all the latest reports imported..?

So I pull out some changes I've encounterd.  I don't know if, is or not important anymore but from my point of view this new design doesn't look like a forum anymore I mean it doesn't have that easy user interface like we were used already cause' the design is really awesome I must say and really congratulation for the hard work of the creator!

For me it feels difficult to browse it, I don't know how it feels for a newcomer instead.

Here are some of the things:
-you cannot edit or delete what you had written so you cannot undo or correct anything.
-you cannot moderate topics anymore (for moderators)
-you cannot click on a member avatar to go it's profile ( I don't know how much usefull was that though)
-no more favorite topics that you could been updated to the latest post on a particular topic you like.
-not all topics are updated from the old database to the new one (for example last post in  , isn't here )
-and one other question, where I can search the topics that were in the country section but weren't reports? (ex: )
last update by Florin on 2012-11-03 20:20:42

Hi Florin! well we are still working on some things... we pushed the relaunch to be yesterday as many people have been already waiting and we had already delayed the relaunch several times. also we hoped that from an earlier launch we have the chance to test the new functions together with the community and therefor make it easier to encounter problems and adjust things!

all the problems/ issues you mentioned will still be solved next week. they are on our to do list - as a couple of other issues too.

when it comes to the "forum character" - this is indeed true: the website does no more look like a classical forum, but this was also one of our main goals. over the past years we have always build around an "old" system, have always adapted and enlarged our communication area. in the end many people were already lost on our forum as there were too many different areas, in the end we had more than 300 different forums and subforums. a lot of people kind of lost the overview and we believe that this was also the reason why many people became inactive. with the new structure we hope it will be easier for people to find and also create content. therefor we have tried to minimize sections and split them into those sections that they originally contained: reports and discussion topics!

what we are still missing now is indeed a good notification system, e.g. the latest comments on the news page do not represent yet all areas of our communication board (currently only the discussion section) - therefor it is not that easy to follow the latest activities. but we will continue working to adjust all these things and make them fit our users needs by next week

please feel always free to drop further comments. thats really most helpful for us

btw: yes you are right - not entirely all content has yet been moved from the old board to the new one. this is a process that is still going on. when it comes to the topics of the old country boards (these ones who werent reports) : all topics have been moved to the relevant discussion boards, like global issues (for political or social topics), music, sports and so on. those ones that werent clearly relevant for any section are in the lounge
last update by Cari on 2012-11-03 23:50:32

Thank you Cari for your respons! Hard work there at GE head quarters!
Indeed now it will remain most quality content for the website as I see. The idea is very good, I was browsing the site for couple of hours now and I kinda' manage whre are the topics now. Still the UI must be improved IMO. I know everything it will take time. Wish I could help you somehow.

Ps: We can't add photos to a post, just link to a photo. Isn't it better to be able to upload photo to the website too? Thanks.
last update by Florin on 2012-11-04 00:20:14
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