Push Connect Notify 2017 Review PLUS My BEST Bonus HERE: >>> CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT <<< It looks like every application we install today asks about sending notifications. Shall we say yes to all of them? Decline? Be demanding? Do we really want push notifications to interrupt us throughout the day? Fortunately, there are several different types of notifications from a badge on the application icon to an on-screen message that requires your attention. But while it's easy to turn notifications on for an app, it's not easy to customize them. Check out Our Push Connect Notify 2017 Review To Get More Information ! A push notification is a way for an application to send a message or notify you without actually opening the application. Notification is "pushed" to you without you having to do anything about it. You can think of this as the application sending a text message, although notifications can take several different forms. There is no longer a way to turn off notifications. Check out Our Push Connect Notify 2017 Review To Get More Information ! Notifications are now handled on an app-by-app basis instead of a global switch. This is an unfortunate change from Apple that makes it a bit more difficult to manage notifications for those who do not want to be disturbed by constant messages from their applications. Fortunately, applications are required to ask permission before sending notifications, so a diligent user can simply say no when prompted by the application. Notifications come in many different forms. The most discreet is the Badge notification. This notification places a red badge on the application icon with a number that indicates the number of notifications. Check out Our Push Connect Notify 2017 Review To Get More Information ! For example, the Mail application may have a red badge with the number four to alert you to four unread e-mail messages. Push notifications can also send a message to the screen. For example, if you have push notifications enabled for Facebook, you may receive a brief message on your iPad screen when you are tagged in a photo. Check out Our Push Connect Notify 2017 Review To Get More Information ! This message is called a "banner" notification and will be displayed even if you are currently in another application. Banner notifications are a great way to keep track of what is happening in an app without actually interrupting what you are currently doing. They arise and disappear quickly. But what if you want to be interrupted? If you want to make sure you see all Facebook notifications, you can set the notifications as "alerts." These alerts will appear on the screen and will remain until you discard them. The opposite of the alerts is having no visual notification on the screen. These messages will appear in the notification center, but they will not appear on the screen while using iPad. Here is my P1 Profits Review ! Unfortunately, just as there is no global on / off option for notifications, there are no global settings for the specific notification type for all apps on iPad. You'll need to customize them individually, which is why it may be a good idea to turn down notifications for most applications and set them manually. Push Connect Notify 2017 Review P1 Profits Review