Information on the latest Apple products, or dubbed the "iPhone 8", more enliven the smartphone market. According to new reports, the iPhone 8 will be equipped with wireless charging. Read more: http://www.tentangkomputer.com/tutorial/cara-install-windows-7-8-10-lengkap/ The company will supply half of the GPP bridge rectifiers, which are required to make wireless charging function. But the company is not yet known what will make the rest. So far there has been no comment, either from Apple or Lite-On Semi. Wireless charging feature itself is one of the many reports about the iPhone 8 circulating on the internet. As we all know, Apple is expected to release three versions of the iPhone this year, the iPhone 7s, iPhone and iPhone 7s Plus 8. Of the three, only the iPhone 8 will have the OLED panel. Meanwhile, the other two swing with LCD display.
iPhone 8 is predicted to be a premium version of the iPhone, whose presence at the same time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone this year. This smartphone has a code name Ferrari. Source: http://www.tentangkomputer.com/jaringan/cara-mempercepat-koneksi-internet-pc-dan-android/